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Solidarity with Egypt in Ramallah

Across the world people have taken to the streets in solidarity with, and inspired by, the Egyptian uprising.

A US flag burns in Ramallah in protest at US support for Israeli apartheid

Thousands of people have demonstrated in the West Bank city of Ramallah, waving Palestinian, Egyptian and Tunisian flags… And burning some American ones.

Having made several highly repressive attempts to ban Egypt solidarity demos (see HRW report), the PA ‘let’ this one go ahead, with both a uniformed police presence, and reports of plain-clothed infiltrators. The demonstrators stood not only in solidarity with the revolts in Egypt and Tunisia, but against repression in Palestine, both that of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority; demanding “an end to the occupation, internal division, normalization, oppressive regimes, and to US and Western complicity in maintaining Israel’s colonial system and protecting despotic Arab regimes.”  (Press Release, Ramallah Online )


Call from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information