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Photo Blog: Targeted destruction around Tahrir Square

During the last thirteen days rioting has erupted through downtown Cairo. The property damage caused in the rioting has been well targeted with branches of multinational corporations, government cars and buildings, police and army property and banks destroyed while local cafes, apartments and shops have been left untouched.

Scores have also been settled with the owner of the Spanish/Egyptian Asbestos Company, who had sentenced local workers to death by not providing proper safety equipment ( his cafe in Talaat Al Harb square was burnt to the ground.

The scope of the damage clearly shows that the anger of the uprising has been pointed squarely at capitalism, imperialism and the state. Downtown Cairo has effectively been brought to a standstill with the stock exchange remaining closed. The ongoing occupation of Tahrir Square is a constant reminder that, despite the batallions of tanks occupying central Cairo, the heart of the city has been transformed into an autonomous space.

Barclays targeted near Merekaz al Shaab

Barclays Targeted

Vodafone targeted in Zamalek - Vodafone sent out mass text messages calling on people to join pro-Mubarak demonstrations

Burned out cars near government buildings on Falaky street

Gutted Costa Coffee near Tahrir Square

Trashed Mcdonalds next to the barricades at the entrance to Tahrir square

Trashed ATM near the entrance to Tahrir Square

one of the branches of KFC on Tahrir square that was targeted

Pizza Hut targeted - Tahrir square

Burnt out vehicle being used as a defence in Tahrir

Nike store targetted on Talaat Al Harb street

Burnt out government building overlooking Tahrir

Burnt out vehicle being used as a defence - Tahrir Square

Burnt out cars near government buildings

Talaat al Harb street


2 responses to “Photo Blog: Targeted destruction around Tahrir Square

  1. muhammad February 7, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    You are seemingly some stupid bourgois leftwing tourist trying to live a “revolutionary dream”. We did NOT use violence to express our anger at western companies, what a bullshit. We defended our lives as we were fighting against OUR LOCAL DICTATORSHIP for OUR DEMOCRACY and change. With your pseudo-anticapitalist pro-violence attitude you can go play @home burning cars while G8 are meeting somewhere. BUT DON’T MESS WITH OUR LIFE-DEATH-STRUGGLE AGAINST MURDEROUS REGIME AND FPOR OUR CIVIL RIGHTS!

    hopefully not censoring this one, habibi.

    al-sha3ab yoorid isqat………………….

    • reportsfromtheegyptianuprising February 8, 2011 at 11:43 am

      Thanks for your comment. We understand that your revolution is not about smashing capitalist symbols but about getting freeing yourself from dictatorship and we hope this is evident from the other articles on the blog. It just seemed to us that what was destroyed against multinational companies and state property as most Egyptian shops were not destroyed. We understand that cars were used as barricades against police violence etc but it seems to us that there was also some targeted property damage (which we don’t see as violence) We might very well come across as ‘revolution tourists’ to you but we want to assure you that we are trying very hard not to be. We are here in solidarity with your revolution and want to learn from it -not interfere with it. We believe that what is happening here is a great example of grassroots and community organising and want to let people in Europe know the real story of what has happened

      Victory to the Egyptian intifada – good luck!

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