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US solidarity rundown

People have been protesting across the US since late January, both in support of the Egyptian uprising and against US support for the Mubarak regime. The demos have varied greatly, from the more statist or humanitarianly focussed, to people calling actively for an end to repression and the total overthrow of the regime.

Like so many despots, made in the USA

A recent demo at the Egyptian embassy in Washington saw Amnesty calling for the US government to “translate into policy” the right of Egyptians to demonstrate peacefully. Riham Sheble, an Egyptian activist who attended the demonstration, commented that whilst she would like support for change to be the “official stance” of the US, “I don’t want them to take any other measures because I regard that as interfering with our sovereignty.”

In New York last Friday, 500 Egyptian American demonstrators called for Mubarak’s immediate resignation, with placards reading “Long Live the Egyptian Intifada”.

Long Live the Egyptian Intifada

Hundreds of people have also demonstrated in LA, both calling on Obama to call for change in Egypt, as well as carrying signs protesting US complicity with the Mubarak regime, and some reading “Victory to the Egyptian People’s Rebellion”. One protester said: “We are here because we are unable to be there in Egypt joining the protests. If we can’t get to Egypt right now, we will do everything we can to spread the important word of ending the terrorism of Hosni Mubarak. Change is coming.”

Egyptian solidarity demo in LA

Thousands of Egyptian and American protesters have also gathered in San Francisco in solidarity with those in Tahrir Square. This banner is particularly good…..

Support for the autonomy of the Egyptian Revolution from SF USA

More to follow as the reports come in…. yet to hear of any direct action in solidarity with Egypt.


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